Torti & Desisti is today a point of reference for numerous individuals and fashion companies, thanks to over 50 years of activity in the metal investment casting sector and to the creation of numerous articles: from the prototyping of fashion models to the production of brass buckles in Vicenza, the company is able to satisfy many different needs, using noble and non-precious metals, taking care of each product with the utmost precision. The long history of the company has allowed it to specialize in goldsmithing and metalworking, gradually transferring the skills obtained also in the field of fashion, with semi-finished or finished components. Thanks to the combination of artisan techniques and sophisticated technologies, the company is able to supply a wide range of products ranging from fashion accessories to the creation of models and prototypes, from applications to buckles and zip pullers.

Production of belt buckles in Vicenza

In addition to the investment casting of metals such as gold, silver, brass and bronze, Torti & De Sisti has extended its business to the production of metal fashion accessories. In this way, the company has conquered a large segment of the market in the sector, distinguishing itself for the quality, precision and attention to detail of each process. Made starting from own drawings or from customer drawings, the products are carefully designed, providing the customer with an ad hoc estimate based on the cost of materials and workmanship. The production phase follows in the laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and expert personnel.

In particular, the company deals with:

-production of belt buckles in Vicenza

– production of models and fashion prototypes

– production of brass costume jewellery

-production of brass zip puller

-production of customized applications for heels and shoes

– production of customized gadgets and accessories for bags.

Prototyping service for companies

Based on the characteristics indicated by each customer, Torti & De Sisti provides an accurate prototyping service of models aimed at the production of finished or semi-finished components, such as the production of brass buckles in Vicenza. The results of each process are surprising because they manage to make any project “easy”. Thanks to the application of gadgets and accessories made by the company, every style can be renewed in a simple, fast and above all low-cost way.

Info and quotes
To receive more information on Torti & De Sisti products and investment casting techniques, send an email to or call 0444/514126.




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